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Labor & Employment Law

As it was initially devised, the Labour & Employment Law serves for regulating the rights and duties between employers and workers. Also known simply as the labor code, the rules contained in it are primarily meant to keep workers safe and make sure they are treated fairly.

Of course, for the overall balance of things, these laws also ensure that the employers’ interests are just as administered and upheld.

The main task of the labor law is to mediate the relationship between workers (employees), employers, trade unions and the government. Collective labor law relates to the tripartite relationship between employee, employer and union.

If we’re talking about which laws apply for Texas, than we can say that the employees working her are protected by many state and federal employment laws.

Just as the law mediates your relationship between the company and the worker, we want our LawPress to be a mediator between you and the appliance of those laws. Here are the services that we provide:

  • Unlawful Termination
  • Unpaid overtime
  • Financial disputes
  • Workplace Discrimination
  • Sexual Harassment

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